Cool Things to Buy?


Many people have different ideas on cool things to buy. If you are a clotheshorse or a shopaholic, you may want to visit the mall and stock up on clothes and shoes! Some people prefer to visit their local game shop and purchase a new video game to play.
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You can make tons of cool things on the computer, such as slide shows, drawings, or fun invitations! These can all be created using programs like Microsoft Office, Word, and Paint.
1. Open Photoshop and click "File" and select "New. At the "New" box, choose an image width and height of two inches by two inches. Name the document "
If you have enough, you could paint them to resemble giant Legos, and then make a giant VHS-lego sculpture along the lines of these actual-Lego sculptures:
I second Daniel's water bottle suggestion; you might put some food coloring in for added effect. And paper targets don't have to be boring - actual range targets with pictures or
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The only goal of Minecraft is to survive, or in creative, to build cool things. ...
To make cool things out of paper, you should do origami. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. ...
The first step in making cool things is figuring out what kind of 'things' you want to make. It may help to see what kinds of arts and crafts material you have ...
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