What are some cool usernames for guys?


Guys can find cool usernames by perusing an username database and studying the various types of names. Some of the databases allow users to vote for their favorite names, so others can see which names are more favorable. Comments are also included to tell why people do or do not like certain names. Guys may also submit their own ideas and receive feedback from users. Another way to create a cool username is to generate one using a naming generator. Each result is unique and can be taken by the user for their own personal use. Multiple results can be generated until the guys find one they are partial to.
Q&A Related to "What are some cool usernames for guys?"
1 First, what i did was think of stuff that you think is cool to you . Like for me i play like 4 different sports and different candy bars i like. (you dont just have to use those
1. First, think of what your username will be for. If you are making a username for something professional then I would suggest using your full name (example: BillThompson) or your
First think of any animal then think of a weapon. Idea.......idea...... BING!!!!!! tiger
Why would anyone ever want to know? LOL that's a serious question!
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