How di i turn the date stamp on for a nikon coolpix p6000?


Press the MENU button to bring up the main menu. Press cursor-left to get to the tabs. Use cursor-up/down to select the Setup tab (the wrench icon). Press cursor-right or the OK button.Use cursor-up/down to select "Date Imprint" and press
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Won't work, and nothing you can do about it. The camera is not a data transfer device, nor is it a picture viewer. The only thing it can display are photos that it has taken, nothing
It will vary. First of all, an image from your point and shoot will be smaller than a similar MP DSLR, as the DSLR has a larger sensor thus more data. Also the color, contrast,
As well as another million and a half pixels using the same size 1/1.7-inch sensor, the Nikon Coolpix P6000 sports a wider 4x zoom range (28-112mm equivalent) that's handy for both
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