Copper Pipe Fittings?


Copper pipe fittings are made out of copper and designed to be fitted on the ends of pipes that may also be made out of copper. The fittings will need to be the correct size in order for the parts to be compatible with each other. A home improvement or plumbing supply professional may be able to advise someone on the proper fittings needed for a certain project. Most places will allow people to return the copper pipe fittings if they are not the correct size. A local contractor can also be hired to replace fittings and other repairs that may be needed.
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1. Remove the old, damaged pipes by heating the joint up with a torch. Grab each pipe with two pliers and twist and pull the pipes apart. 2. Cut new pipes for the fitting. Measure
With the right amount of money, it can be any fitting you want, however the biggest factory made fitting i have seen sold to the public, was an 8 inch main used for industrial areas
Learning how to solder copper pipe is a skill useful for plumbing. Soldering can be dangerous so you need to practice safety measures and always wear protective gear. You can find
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