What does a copper taste in the mouth mean?


A copper taste in the mouth can be caused by a variety of different issues, ranging from impurities in drinking water to a reaction to a medication. Other possible causes of a copper or metallic taste in the mouth include not maintaining proper oral health and dehydration.

According to MedlinePlus, most cases of a metallic taste in the mouth resolve on their own and do not require special treatment. If a copper taste in the mouth is present with additional symptoms like headaches or nausea, the person should seek medical attention to ensure it is not a symptom of a larger problem or, in rare cases, a serious disease.

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Hi Roberta and thanks for writing, A metallic taste in the mouth is a fairly common problem — and usually not serious. Although you don't have actual taste buds that detect
1. See your dentist to heal any dental issues that lead to a bad-tasting mouth such as cavities or gingivitis - gum inflammation. Telltale signs include tooth ache, tender and bleeding
Some medications can cause a metallic taste and
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