How to Get a Copy of My Pay Stubs?


Most companies will ask for a copy of a paystub in order to determine the person's ability to borrow money and repay the debt. The most needed field of a paystub is the year to date as this gives an overall view of how long the person has worked for the company. If the Year to date is close to the amount of the paystub and it's the middle of the year it can be safely assumed the employee just started working for the company and cannot guarantee they will continue in that job for a long enough period to pay off the debt.
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1. Contact your employer's human resources or payroll department and ask about the steps required to obtain copies of your paycheck stub. Some employers might charge a fee for copies
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1. Look at the header of your pay check stub. This will show your place of employment and its address, as well as information regarding the company that processes your place of employment's
Can't be done instore. Ask your manager and he'll probably know who to call. It'll most likely be mailed to you
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How to Create a Payroll Check Stub
A payroll check stub can be created in any format, so long as it contains all the information an employee needs to verity he or she has been paid correctly. That's often fair amount of information, but if you're systematic about it the process isn't... More »
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To obtain a copy of ones pay stubs a person needs to contact an HR rep where they work. If they work for a smaller company they may be able to just the employee who handles pay roll to provide them with a copy while many big companies have rules or procedures that one would have to follow in order to obtain a copy of a pay stub.
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