Corningware was originally the brand name given to stoneware made by Corning Inc. However, today the name Corningware is used for both stoneware and glass and ceramic cookware.
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Corning, known for innovation in specialty glass and ceramics for 160 years, first developed Pyrex for baking in glass early in the 20th century. After production of Pyrex for nearly
I don't know about the white Pyroceram corningware - but the Corning Visions line of cookware was advertised on television melting an aluminum pot in it at 1,560 Degrees Fahrenheit
Corning Ware (or CorningWare) was a trademark of Corning Glass Works for cookware made from pyroceram, a white material made of glass and ceramic that was developed as part of research
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CorningWare has changed over the years. Introduced in 1958 as glass-ceramic bakeware for the homemaker to use in the oven or on the stove, CorningWare changed to ceramic bakeware in the 1990s when World Kitchen LLC purchased CorningWare and started... More »
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The new pieces of Corningware are microwave safe. Some of the older pieces were made before microwaves and may not be. Any that have metal edges or decorations ...
According to the Corningware company, Corningware is oven safe. It can be safely used in an oven up to a temperature of 350 degrees. You should however avoid any ...
The Corningware Company operates 52 outlet store locations. These outlet stores are all called Corningware Corelle Revere, to ensure maximum name recognition for ...
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