How do you use cornstarch to relieve an itchy skin rash?


Cornstarch is a powder-like substance that absorbs moisture. If you have a rash that is located within the skin folds on your body, cornstarch may help to wick away the moisture and keep the area dry. Just use as you would baby powder after your normal shower or bath.
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1. Inspect and clean the affected area with warm water. Pat dry with a soft cloth. Wait until the area is completely dry before applying cornstarch. 2. Mix 1/4 cup cornstarch and
The most basic answer: it keeps the area dry. It has absorbent properties like talc, but is considered a better alternative because talc particles are very small and can be irritating
I asked last night for ideas to help my 7 month old son with his diaper rash. I think its from him teething his top teeth which are coming in together. Anyway, I bought some cornstarch
When you have an itchy skin rash that drives you to distraction, soothe the itching with natural remedies. Cornstarch, with its natural soothing properties, can effectively relieve
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