Correo Electronico?


The term correo electronico can be roughly translated from the Spanish language to mean email. In Spanish, the word correo means the post, or mail. It comes from the longer word correspondencia, which translates more easily for speakers of English who don't speak Spanish. The word electronico is more easily identifiable in both languages. Other Spanish terms that refer to the different types of mail and postal services include correo aereo, which is airmail, and correo urgente, which translates as special delivery.
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Translation: E-mail.
The Spanish phrase "correo electronico" translates into English as "email"
'correo electronico' is how you would say 'e-mail' in Spanish.
Correct indefinite article for guitarra - una guitarra; bicicleta - una bicicleta; deporte - el deporte; telefonos - las telefonos; los correos electornicos.
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Translation: E-mail. ...
Translation: E-mail. ...
Translation: E-mail. ...
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