Cortisol Blockers?


Some people trying to lose weight believe that taking cortisol blockers helps their weight-loss process. High cortisol levels in the body have been shown to increase the amount of fat stored in the body. Too much cortisol also causes insulin resistance. To combat the effects of levels of cortisol that are too high, some people take supplements that are said to decrease cortisol levels. One of the best known of these supplements is phosphstidylserine. Other dieters use Siberian ginseng or vitamin C for the same purpose.
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Cortisol is a hormone produced by the supra renal glands, whose secretion is
Cortisol is essential for life. It helps the body maintain homeostasis. There are studies for a drug called mifepristone. Which is used currently in combination with another drug
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Cortisol is naturally created in your body, but you don't want to hold on to all of it. While cortisol at normal levels is helpful in preparing the body to handle stressors and providing
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