How to Put a Cosco Baby Crib Together?


When you have Cosco, you should follow instructions to put the crib together properly. This is how you put it; you first find a diagram of assembled crib and lay out the four sides of the crib. Use the electric screw drivers to attach the legs to the four corners. Then install the mattress spring support and put the mattress inside the crib and arrange the bedding.
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Cosco's customer care center can help you find replacement parts for your crib. The center specializes in replacing parts and answering customer complaints and concerns. To order
Go to the Cosco website and they should have manuals or intructions there or at least a contact to request one. You might also try the store you bought it from and they might have
You will have to get in touch with the maker of the crib and call them or email them. Give the serial # and age of the crib. Answer I have just recently had this problem.. If you
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Cosco Crib Instructions
If you own a Cosco 2 in 1 Convertible Crib, you may be concerned about putting the crib together correctly. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends several safety precautions when assembling cribs, as improperly equipped or assembled cribs... More »
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