How much do dreadlocks cost?


It has been estimated that the cost for dreadlocks in 2013 is at least $300, and it's usually more than that amount. Some hair stylists recommend that those who want dreadlocks can do their own for free. This takes time and a lot of patience, and it helps if a hair stylist knowledgeable about dreadlocks can monitor the procedure. TO start growing one's own dreadlocks requires the change to using a residue-free shampoo. It also requires just letting the hair grow in its natural pattern. This is helped along by not trying to comb the hair.
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Depending on the method you choose, 'dreads' as some people call them can be absolutely free. Free dreads come from the individual own hair growth,by not combing ones own hair, and
Dread Dreadlock Starter Kit. Price:
nothing. if you go to a salon you will be ripped off. they charge a huge amount make a total mess and schedule many follow ups that never result in dreads. dreads are free.
cost? salons? fake? god no. if you want dreads makle em yourself free. you can grow em naturaly or maker em by several methods.but be warned. if you tryu imitating anothhers dreads
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Dreadlocks are in vogue these days and cost a fortune when you have them done by a professional hairdresser but if you want you can have someone do it for you ...
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