How much does a Great Pyrenees dog cost?


As of May 2014, the price of a Great Pyrenees is between $250 and $1,350 on PuppyFind. The cost of the dog will vary greatly depending on location, breeder and the dog's bloodline.

Before shopping for a Great Pyrenees, owners should understand that these dogs grow to be very large, sometimes reaching a weight in excess of 110 pounds. Despite their large size, the Great Pyrenees is a friendly, calm dog that can be an excellent companion for children.

With the right leadership, the Great Pyrenees can be easy to train and very obedient. The breed has a lifespan of around 10 years and requires only a moderate amount of exercise every day.

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Great Pyranees cost around $250 as puppies; find a reputable
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you convert'll cost you about $500 to $1200 dollars depends on who you buy it from and what it's pedigree
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