Cost of a Maaco Paint Job?


The cost of a Maaco paint job depends upon what kind of paint job you are getting. If you are getting just a basic paint with no sanding involved, it would be about $300. If sanding is needed, it will cost much more.
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For the cheapest you can get.around 200-300$ You will get what you pay for, however, and if the paint lasts more than a year, you'll be lucky. For a quality paint job, look to spend
For a cheap Maaco paint job if you're going to sell your
Sorry. Prices are not published on their website. Contact Maaco, 610 Freedom Business Center, Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA T: (610) 265-6606. report this answer. Updated on Sunday
Painting can increase the value of a car. Painting can be done on the cheap. Paint jobs can be quick and relatively inexpensive. Professionals, for example, can paint a car for a
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You can expect about 2000 dollars if they do all of the work prepping the car. Maaco charges about two hundred for the paint job itself and the rest is in costs ...
The price to paint a car at Maaco depends on what exactly you want done. If you do not need any dent repairs and just need a sand down and paint, it can cost as ...
The amount of money is a maaco paint job from $200 to $2,000. The cheaper paint job is the entire car painted in a good quality automotive paint. The higher ...
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