How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?


The price required to get a cataract surgery would depends on the severity of the condition. In cats, the price would be between 1,097.10 British pounds sterling to 1,342.97 British pounds sterling for one eye and 1,712.84 British pounds sterling to 2,184.39 British pounds sterling for both eyes.
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Around Rs 10000 or 15000 thousand. I think some hospitals charge 35000. Try Rushabh Eye Hospital and Laser Center-Mumbai India. They are specialized in Cataract,Lasik,Glaucoma,Retina
Should cost you between 5K to 10K/ eye with implant of intra ocular lens depending on the kind of hospital.
Cataract surgery prices vary from doctor to doctor but in general you can expect
Hello! Cataract surgery costs vary. It depends on the surgeon, type of the treatment, the facility and additional services. Patients with more serious conditions will probably require
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