Cost Of Dog Cremation?


The cost of cremation will greatly vary depending on the business that is offering these services. Most don't deal with animals, but some will be inclined to do so and generally, these will be the places that offer the service for a more reasonable rate. The cost of dog cremation may be along the lines of $200 to $400 as of May, 2013. These costs will vary from size of dogs to the selected urn as well.
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Depending of the type of cremation desired the prices vary. Cremations can start at $695 but could cost up to $3000 depending on other services offered in conjunction with the cremation
This varies widely based upon the type of cremation (private versus communal) the services offered in conjunction with cremation (decorative urn, memorial plaque, etc) and the size
For some owners, having their pet's ashes in an attractive urn serves as a memorial. It gives them a small token by which to remember a beloved pet. For some dog owners, seeing an
A 75 pound dog would cost around $150 to cremate.
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