Cost of House Arrest?


The cost of house arrest, using electronic monitoring devices, is about $10 a day in 2013. This is much less costly to judicial districts, of course, than the cost of keeping a person incarcerated. The incarceration costs include the feeding, housing, and on-site supervision of inmates. House arrest is an option only for defendants with no prior records of criminal activity and who are not likely to leave the area. Under the rules of house arrest, the defendant must remain in his home, except to attend work or school.
Q&A Related to "Cost of House Arrest?"
The terms of house arrest in Florida vary depending on the situation. You must either remain in your home 24 hours a day, or you may be allowed to report to school, work and church.
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House arrest is when you are sentenced to confinement within your own home and cannot leave the confines of your home or immediate property without court permission. It is usually
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