How Much Does Iron Cost Per Pound?


How much does iron cost per pound? The price varies depending on the economy. In America, the current price is approximately 2-3 dollars per pound. Other countries have various rates.
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This week it is selling on the scrap market for $7.00 per 100 pounds. It's been at 6- 7 per pound for most of this season. Last year it was only at 1/2 penny per pound.
Right now, a pound of iron will cost about $410.00 in the market. Thanks for
1. Note the cost of the item you are buying. It may be printed on the container or on a sign close to the item. 2. Weigh the item. Depending on what you are purchasing, the weight
Scrap iron will be bought for around 12p per kilo in March 2012.
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Since the prices of metals keep fluctuating with time depending on the economic situation, to get information about the current price of iron, visit ...
Iron is worth about $1.50 per pound on average, but this price can vary depending on the condition of the iron and whether the iron is raw or scrap iron. ...
The price of iron, as with other commodities, changes from time to time. As of march 2012, it was 90.68 GBP per metric ton. Sites like indexmundi can help keep ...
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