Cost of Sylvan Learning Center?


Sylvan Learning Center does not appear to have a set cost for every student who attends. It will vary depending on the individual needs of the child. They will also work with you to find a payment schedule you can afford.
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A Sylvan Learning Center tutor can cost $45 to $50 an hour. You must first take the skills assessment test which costs from $145 to $199. There is also a $50 registration fee. They
In 1979, Sylvan Learning Center began in Portland, Oregon. Today headquarters are in Baltimore. The Center boasts more than 1,100 locations across North America. Sylvan leads tutoring
Sylvan has customized programs for students of all ages in all academic areas. Sylvan Learning Centers are franchised and the hourly rates may vary according to location; however,
Costs of Sylvan Learning Center sessions vary per program, as well as
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Sylvan Learning Center prices vary greatly depending on the type of tutoring or services that are required by the client. Sylvan Learning Center offers coupons ...
The Sylvan Learning Center was founded by W. Berry Fowler in 1980. Their headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland, and they have several franchises that offer personalized ...
Sylvan Learning Center is a company which offers a tutoring program which is specialized to meet the needs of individual children. The program works by taking ...
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