What is the cost of tanzanite per carat?


The 2014 price for tanzanite ranges between $400 to $1200 per carat. Prices vary according to size, weight, cut, clarity and color of the gem in question.

Tanzanite is a natural gemstone and its price varies according to current supply. An investment grade stone, or one considered to be in the top one percent of mined tanzanite, commands the highest prices. For example, a 5 carat stone in this category may cost $750 per carat while a less-valuable stone of the same size might cost $500 per carat.

Like other precious and semi-precious stones, tanzanite is graded by independent grading laboratories. The grade of a stone affects its cost, as does size, clarity, color and cut. The highest grade for tanzanite is Triple A. Tanzanite stones considered most valuable fall into the Intense Violetish Blue color range.

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Commercial grade (low-end) tanzanites may be found quite
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