How much does it cost to build a bathroom?


According to the website Remodeling, the national average of a midscale bathroom addition in 2014 is $38,186, but an upscale bathroom addition has an average cost of $72,538. While many factors affect this cost, the project is generally less expensive if the bathroom uses existing space that is near existing plumbing lines.

This Old House recommends a half-bath be no smaller than 3 feet by 6 feet. This provides adequate room to maneuver around fixtures. Adding a full bath generally requires more space, making it more difficult to add without adding to the existing footprint of the home. Owners reduce the cost of bathroom additions when they are a part of a larger home addition project.

When owners sell a home, they recoup just over 61 percent of the cost of a bathroom addition in the selling price of their home. However, this does not take into account the fact that such additions often reduce the amount of time the home remains on the market. Homeowners who plan to spend several years in their existing home also should consider the convenience and enjoyment the new bathroom provides as they determine if the investment is a sensible one. Bathrooms are no longer purely utilitarian rooms and, with proper planning, it is possible to add a spa-like setting to this new addition to the home.

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