Cost to Install a Chain Link Fence?


In many areas of the United States, the cost to build a chain link fence in 2013 ranges between $12.26 and $16.14 per linear foot. The difference in the costs reflect the difference in the quality of the fencing materials used. Using these square-footage prices, it can be estimated that a chain link fence that is a total of 150 feet long will cost between $1,644 and $2,033 if less expensive materials are used. A fence that is 150 feet long that is built from top-grade materials will cost between $2,265 and $2,577.
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Things You'll Need. Post hole digger. Wheelbarrow, shovel and hoe for mixing concrete. Tape measure. Carpenter's level. Strong string and stakes. Pliers. Fence Stretcher (block &
1 Consider trading the fence material for free removal. If the chain-link fence is in good condition, someone may be willing to remove it for free if he gets to keep the materials
The same way as you install it on a level area.
Beats me. Call a fence place and ask them for a quote. They may charge you a minimum price if the job is too small. It's easy enough to do, so if you do it yourself it won't cost
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