Cost to Install a Chain Link Fence?


In many areas of the United States, the cost to build a chain link fence in 2013 ranges between $12.26 and $16.14 per linear foot. The difference in the costs reflect the difference in the quality of the fencing materials used. Using these square-footage prices, it can be estimated that a chain link fence that is a total of 150 feet long will cost between $1,644 and $2,033 if less expensive materials are used. A fence that is 150 feet long that is built from top-grade materials will cost between $2,265 and $2,577.
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Install a chain link fence by laying out the location of the posts. Dig the post holes, fill with concrete, and set the posts. Unroll the chain link, attaching it to the posts with
The key to installing a chain link fence is proper planning. Make sure you've checked zoning, permit and homeowner's association requirements. What You'll Need You'll need: tape measure
1. Locate the boundary lines to your property and drive stakes into the ground along the extension of your property line. Stretch a string between each stake. 2. Dig post holes 8&
1 Obtain any necessary permits. Your local government may have building and zoning regulations that regulate fence setbacks, type and height. Ad
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