Costa Rica?


Costa Rica is a small country that widely known as a popular tourist destination. It is officially referred to as the Republic of Costa Rica. This country is situated in the North American continent.
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Costa Rica
Capital: San Jose
Population: 4,695,942
Conventional Name: Republic of Costa Rica
Chief of State: President Laura Chinchilla Miranda
Head of State: President Laura Chinchilla Miranda
National Anthem: Himno Nacional de Costa Rica (National Anthem of Costa Rica)
Lyrics/Music: Jose Maria Zeledon Brenes/Manuel Maria Gutierrez
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The climate in Costa Rica is very tropical because of its close location to the equator. The temperatures tend to be hot and the air is very humid.
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Costa Rica is approximately 19,700 square miles in size. It is a Central American country. The population is over 4 1/2 million. It is one of the most stable countries in the world.
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Costa Rica.- 19,729.81 square miles. ...
Costa Rica.- 19,729.81 square miles. ...
Costa Rica has around 1100 miles of beaches. ...
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