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To find out of Costco is hiring in your area, simply visit their website. Even if they are not hiring at that particular moment, it is still a good idea to submit an application anyway. They will have your application on file for 90 to 180 days. This allows you to periodically contact them to see if any positions have opened up. If you prefer, you can also ask the customer service desk at the local location for an application to fill out right there.
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Company: costco Jobs for Ashburn, VA 20147
Full or Part Time Floater Audiologist/ Licensed HIS
Costco Wholesale
· Sterling, VA
Brand Ambassador: Seeking Experienced Sales Reps
Costco Manassas
· Manassas, VA
Audiologist/Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist Part-Time 2nd License
Costco Wholesale
· Fairfax, VA
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This link is great, check it out, reg. & they send emails
I used to know. I was hired back in the day when Costco had paper applications to fill out and turn in personally. Then a friend of mine who works for Costco told me to call the Warehouse
its so hard to get that job. i tryed so many times to work there and my friend got a job there. they are really picky who they hire. she was working only for holidays and then they
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It seems that Costco prefers it's potential applicants to be at least eighteen (18) years old, though if you're younger than that and are still looking, I wouldn't ...
the one that i work at gave a saliva one on the spot but someone else that was hired had to go take a urine test because they ran out of the saliva ones ...
New hire starting wage is $11.00 an hour. Top pay goes up to $24.00 an hour for clerk status. ...
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