Does Costco sell party platters?


Costco members have the luxury of picking up assorted party platters that are pre-made or ordering custom party trays. Most of the pre-made platters are sufficient to satisfy any guest. Platters for desserts, vegetables, and meats/cheeses are available in the food section. A variety of breads can be chosen from so that all guests have an option. The ability to buy in bulk also gives you the option to make your own party platter just by purchasing items from Costco.
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1. Review your guest list. Count the number of guests you expect to attend. 2. Choose what type of food you will serve. Sandwiches, chicken wings and cookie trays are good choices
1. Consider the theme and general mood of the party to determine the fashion in which you want to display your cheese. If it is a relaxed, friendly gathering, your platter will be
The average CostCo sandwich platter will run about $20.00. It does depend on the
Someone interested in ordering party platters for kids birthdays could find them in their local grocery store. They can be found in stores like King Soopers, Safeway , Walmart and
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