What Sounds Do Cougars Make?


Cougar is another name for Puma which is a large wild lion belonging to the cat family. They are fund in the North America and South America like Canada and Argentina. They feed on deer, moose, horses, cattle, sheep and other domestic animals. They make a high pitched squealing sound like purrs.
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chirps, whistles, snarls, hisses, growls, yowls, barks, screams, calls.
Some claim they sound like a screaming person others say they sound like screeching
Dear Deejae Thank you for your question. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used. http://www.angelfire.com/sports/homenest7/fact/cougar.html and other websites have
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Members of the cat family Felidae use hissing, spitting, growling, and mewing to communicate.
The four members of the Panthera genus of this family (tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards) are the only felids with the ability to roar.
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