Cough Thick White Phlegm?


Thick, white phlegm that is the result of a cough usually means that there is an infection going on in your body. Phlegm represents pus, which confirms the infection. Most of the time, when it is white phlegm, it is a minor illness or the beginning of bronchitis. There are different colors of phlegm and each represents a different illness. The thing that you want to do is cough the phlegm up and spit it out. Putting it back in your body keeps the infection in your body.
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If phlegm is clear, white, or pale, the infection may be viral, and antibiotics
sounds like you have been coughing it up, and probably swallowing it. thats ok. if you think you need to make an easier time of coughing up phlegm then try these tricks: 1. use a
Two answers: 1. Your dog may have a hairball or something that he/she has to cough up. 2. Or your dog may be sick. a good thing to do is to take it to the vet for a check - up just
Hey! Well, obviously most of your symptoms are caused by the cold you have. The white phlegm sounds a lot better than green/yellow, which is usually indicative of a bad respiratory
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