Cough with Frothy White Sputum?


When you have a cough and bring up frothy, white sputum, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Granted, it is good to bring up the phlegm, and an antibiotic helps keep the infection you are experiencing from traveling to other parts of the body. It is likely an upper respiratory infection. Most of the time, these clear up on their own without the need for antibiotics, but if it goes on for more than three days, medication is needed.
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drink a lot of water and eat citrus fruits and vegetables and ,use lagundi or oregano extract.
Pink frothy sputum can be symptomatic of several lung
When you cough that is your body's way of clearing your lungs of phlegm. Just think of it as a foreign object that doesn't belong, and your body is "clearing" it away. Sometimes
Expert's Answer Hello, Diseases presenting with frothy sputum are: pulmonary edema cardiomyopathy congestive heart failure myocardial infarction Click the ACCEPT button if my reply
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