Could Albert Einstein Tie His Shoes?


There is question of Albert Einstein's ability to function in normal ways, many rumors of which stating that he was unable to tie his shoes. The question remains as to the ability to tie his shoes, but Einstein elected to wear shoes which did not have laces on them. Teachers described him as slow, unsociable, and a dreamer. Albert Einstein did not learn to speak until the age of 4. Some people feel that he may have had Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of autism.
Q&A Related to "Could Albert Einstein Tie His Shoes?"
No, Albert Einstein was never taught how to tie his
Einstein & Newton both had Asperger syndrome. This means, for one thing, they had a shortage of mirror neurons, so they couldn't understand what was going on in the minds of others
He just wanted someone to tie his shoes.
My friend tied me down to the floor and stomped on my balls 30 times straight as hard as he could against the hard floor with his
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