Council Laws on Keeping Chickens?


According to the law you must register with the GB Poultry Register if you own or are responsible for a poultry premises with 50 or more birds. Different areas have different laws on poultry keeping, to find out the specific laws that apply to your area please consult with your local council.
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Not Legal Advice: In Colleyville, TX, the ordinances do not appear to address keeping poultry. Colleyville, TX Building Inspection Department, T: (817) 503-1031
I just got chickens - I live in Ontario. A general rule is 4 sq. feet per chicken inside the coop. Outside the coop is about 10 sq. feet for the chickens. We have 11 pullets at 100
There is not likely to be any national/state law for the UK with regard to pet chickens, but rather there will be local laws and codes governing a specific part of the city, town
Help me change the law in Tampa, FL As of now, it is only legal to have chickens if you can house them 200 feet from any dwelling on an adjoining parcel of land in separate ownership
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Keeping chickens on your land in the UK is straightforward and provided you have less than 50 chickens there is no need to register them with any authority. Having ...
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In the UK, you are required by law to register, if you own a poultry premise with 50 or more chickens or any other birds. Any premise with less than 50 birds does ...
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