Countries of Aristocracy Government?


An aristocracy type of government is a system in which some of the most elite citizens rule over the people. There is only a small group of countries that use this type of government. Some of those include Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Sweden. One country that is not expected to be on that list, but is, is Russia. France and England are also ruled under an aristocracy. The concept began in Ancient Greece and is still used there.
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Switzerland and Thailand are examples of countries ruled by an aristocratic government. [Hope I helped!
Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, and Kuwait.Aristocracy is a form of
I think you are asking the question what countries have a monarch? There ares till quite a few, the most notable would be Great Britain and Japan. In both instances they are constitutional
In his book "The Republic, the Greek philosopher Plato ranked the different types of government from best to worst and discussed the merits of each type in great depth. He ranked
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