How Many Countries Play Soccer?


Countries from around the world play soccer. In countries other than the United States soccer is often called football. Some countries that participated in the 2012 summer Olympics for football are: Mexico, Canada, France, South Korea, Japan, and Brazil.
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Soccer its a very popular sport in Europe,Mexico and latin america and less popular on the rest of the world. The FIFA has about 208 members so that means that they are 208 countries
Soccer has different rules to it but by using the feet only you try to get the ball into the goal while the opponents try to prevent you from doing it.
Brazil, Jamaica, El. Salvador, Mexico. and. etc. Spain also play it they just call it futbol.
Learn how to play soccer, the most popular sport in the world. It is rapidly gaining favor in the US. Soccer goals are exciting and give players and spectators alike an adrenaline
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