How do you write a country song?


According to the Songwriters Resource Network, key elements involved in writing a country song include setting the hook early and choosing an appropriate topic. In addition, country songwriters are encouraged to keep their songs simple.

The "hook" in a popular song is whatever catches the listener's attention right away. In country songs, the hook often occurs in the song's chorus. A great chorus typically changes melody or meter to grab the listener, and often repeats the title of the song. In any event, the hook should occur within the first 60 seconds of the song, preferably earlier.

Country songwriters need to find the right topic to write a hit country song. Songs should speak directly to the listener, often using second person pronouns in their lyrics. Many people in the country music world evaluate a song based on whether it would appeal to a listener stuck in morning rush hour traffic. Humor and irony have a strong place in country music, and the trend is toward traditional "roots" music and away from pop-country crossovers.

Country songwriters should keep their songs simple, telling just one story per song. While imagery in a song can be complex, ultimately it is important for the listener to be able to tell what is going on in the song.

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