Court Disposition Code Sp4?


The SP4 code for an LA court disposition usually means that all of the paperwork has been completed. At this point generally the inmate has been assigned a bus. The inmate is generally moved within 2 weeks of receiving this status.
Q&A Related to "Court Disposition Code Sp4?"
call the local jail or check with a lawyer.
It is a report that is filed electronically to the Dept of Justice. An example of when an Electronic 8715 Disposition is generated would be for PC 422 "verbal threat"
You have a right to at least know when he may be released. You can arrange for notice. Suggest you contact victim witness for assistance.
It the adjudication was with held, you have NOT been convicted. Give me the specific question on the application and I can give ou the answer. Larry McMillan. 305-444-0030.
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