How do I write a cover letter to an unknown recipient?


To address a cover letter to an unknown recipient is to use the titles of Manager, Supervisor, Customer Service and so on. You can also when putting the title on the letter to Dear Madam or Dear Sir. All of this depends on what the letter is for and how formal it must be.
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1. Avoid using a generic address like "To whom it may concern, or one that is overly friendly, like "Hi there! These salutations sound unprofessional. Also, people often
Why not just write up a TEMPLATE on the computer and leave spaces for updating and tailoring for a specific job? This way instead of having 1 cover letter you could have dozens of
(could be male/female) ChaCha Answ.
"Dear Sir/Madam" correct opening for informal letter to unknown recipient. "Yours faithfully" would be the correct ending.
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Tips for Cover Letters to an Unknown Recipient
A cover letter is the first impression that any potential employer will have of you. He will probably read it even before he looks at your resume, so it's critical that the cover letter be flawless. Many job applicants have problems with cover letters... More »
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