How to Ask for an Interview in a Cover Letter?


A cover letter is a brief form of communication that accompanies your resume when you are looking for employment. Having the knowledge of how to properly ask for an interview in a cover letter can play an important role in your employment future. You need to format your letter properly, open the letter with a formal salutation like ''Dear'', introduce yourself in brief in the first paragraph and request an interview as indirectly as possible in the body of your letter. Keep the tone of the letter conversational without drifting into overly-friendly talk.
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1. Format your letter properly. A professional cover letter will make a better impression. Your name and contact information should appear at the top of the letter, either centered
A resume's main purpose is to highlight your education and work experience, but a cover letter gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight. While it's never a good
A cover letter can be addressed simply "To whom this may concern:" or if you have a specific name and department of who will be reviewing the cover letter and resume you
1. Write your cover letter on plain white paper, so that it transmits cleanly through a fax machine. If you are faxing directly from the computer, keep your template clean and simple
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