Cowgirl Nicknames?


Cowgirls went by nicknames just like their male counterparts. Mary Fields' nickname was Stagecoach Mary and Martha Jane Canary is better known by her nickname of Calamity Jane. Belle Starr was the nickname of Myra Belle Shirley Reed Starr, and the very famous Phoebe Ann Oakley Moses was known by her nickname of Annie Oakley. Once a cowgirl chose her nickname, it caught on very quickly and she was rarely called her real name ever again.
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More cowgirl names are Ada, Blue, Billie, Dolly, Dakota, Jessie, JoBeth,
Mine is "Tim Dude"At least it is not 'dud'
Denver Donkeys. New Orlean Aints. Dallas Cryboys. Miami Doll-Fans. Jacksonville Haguars. Tennesee Tit-ins. Kansas City Chefs. GreenBay Fudge-Packers. Chicago Beers. Detroit Lionesses
she plays music in Time Square, wearing only a bikini and cowboy boots. So, her nickname suites her best. Robert Burck is a New York’s beloved white briefs dancing Cowboy.
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