What are coyote fur prices?


As of February 2014, the wholesale auction price of coyote pelts ranged from around $38 to $90 per pelt. Retail prices for finished pieces start at less than $100 and extend into the thousands. The cost of coyote fur varies greatly depending on whether one purchases a pelt or a finished product.

Wholesale pelts are sold to manufacturers who then incorporate the pelts into clothing or other items. The quality and originality of the pelt heavily influence how much a manufacturer is willing to pay for it. Unique or original-looking pelts usually command higher prices. Recent auctions have reported a high demand for coyote pelts with 100 percent of those pelts that go up for auction being bought. Most consumers buy finished pieces comprised entirely or in part of coyote pelts. The price of such pieces depends on the quality, amount of coyote fur used as well as the quality of other materials that are used in the construction of the piece.

Native Americans have been constructing clothing from coyote fur for centuries. They also wrapped their bows and arrows in coyote fur. Today, the coyote is revered as a symbol of protection due to the fact that coyote dens are underground.

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The fur of a coyote provides warmth, insulation, protection, and camouflage.
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