What are the answers to the American Red Cross CPR test?


CPR test questions and answers are available online from the Red Cross website. While these questions will not be the exact questions feature on your written test, they will help you as a study guide. You can also access various study guides to help you along the way.
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This is one test you do not want to cheat. You need to know the answers just in case you have to use CPR one day to save a life. The instructor will go over the information and you
1. Answer all questions honestly. Don't think of a morality test as a "right or wrong, or "pass or fail" test. Morality is exceptionally relative, and the entire point
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1. Read. the question. Read the entire thing, the questions, the details, and the answers. (If it's multiple choice) Try to. understand. what the question is asking you to do. Ad.
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