How do I look up CPT codes?


Current Procedural Terminology or CPT codes are used by the medical profession to classify what procedures and tests have been performed for the purposes of record keeping. They are also used extensively to file claims with insurance providers to justify the items being billed. A medical professional or patient may use a lookup service or website like Riverside MD to determine what each code is used for. By having a standardized system, it helps to keep the entire billing and record keeping process more streamlined.
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Current Procedural Technology also know as CPT coding are codes that are used specify medical procedures and services within any medical department. For more information see here:
1. Get a list of performed services or procedures. 2. Look up each service or procedure in an up-to-date CPT reference book. 3. Enter each five-digit CPT code next to the relevant
CPT Code 87491. : Chlamydia trachomatis, amplified probe technique.
99060 is a cpt code that is used to document a service by a physician when the physician has to interrupt his regular schedule to provide the service outside the office.
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About CPT Codes
CPT codes are the basic form of an encoded language that describes the procedures and services performed by medical professionals. These codes are all specific to a particular form of care that the patient receives, making it easier for hospitals,... More »
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