Cracked Bleeding Hands?


The dry air of the winter can often lead to cracked and bleeding hands. If you have this problem, you will want to use a very good quality lotion on your hands several times a day. You should be wearing gloves when washing dishes to keep them protected. If the cracks are very bad, you will want to try something like petroleum jelly. You can rub this into your skin before bed and then slip on a pair of gloves to let the jelly work all night long.
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I would suspect an infection, possibly cellulitis; in any event, swelling of that severity is a serious medical problem and should be examined and treated by a doctor.
Be sure to start with pecans that have been washed while in their shells. After you're sure that all surface dirt has been removed, air dry them. Then pick up the pecan and holding
Your hands get cracked and bleed because they are dry. It happens i...
This always used to happen to me, mainly because I over wash my hands (OCD) and never moisturised. Also in cold temperatures your skin gets drier. Whenever I bent my knuckles small
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