What are crafts for 3-year-olds?


There are various easy crafts for three year olds. This can include making table tops and Christmas stockings. One can also teach three year olds how to make a variety of cards.
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Jack-o'lantern faces can run the gamut from being extra scary and gross to sweet and cheerful. Let your 10-year-old decide on what face he wants to create on his pumpkin and have
Cut out magazine pictures, all different kinds. The child then glues the
i am an 11 year old i am a craft like person so what i would do is take string go on youtube and look different friendship bracelet designs.
Build with popsicle sticks. They are easy to stick together. They can even be built into cubes and stacked. You can create forms and design buildings and forts. You can design imaginary
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Craft Projects for 3-Year-Olds
Preschoolers learn through hands-on experience. Teach children color matching, cutting and pasting, and fine motor skills through arts and crafts. Animal and other common shape themed projects will help children identify with the world around them while... More »
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