How to Troubleshoot a Craftsman Gas Weedwacker and Line Trimmer?


Craftsman 25cc gas line trimmer manual when trouble shooting suggests confirmation of oil and fuel tanks and ensure there is oil and fuel inside. Also ensure there is 87-octane, regular unleaded fuel only in the fuel tank. Locate the spark plug and look for one cracks replace if there are any. Inspect the air filter by pulling the filter out of the engine. If it's clogged, clean it with a detergent and water or replace it with a new one. Find the fuel line and investigate for any leaks. If there are, drain the fuel tank and replace the line.
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1. Pull the wire off the spark plug on the back of the engine for safety while you work on the trimmer. 2. Remove the cutting attachment shield that covers the spinning line at the
1. the main fuel inlet line should have enough line to let the fuel filter set on the bottom of the tank and slide to the side when the trimmer is turned sideways. 2. The screw that
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