How to Troubleshoot a Craftsman Table Saw?


A person can troubleshoot a Craftsman table saw by first checking the extension cord. Craftsman table saw parts may need to be purchased if too much sawdust exist. The blade may need to be replaced.
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1. Plug the saw in to the power supply if it won't start. If the saw starts, but won't come up to speed, check that the extension cord isn't too long. Replace the cord with a shorter
This is a flat topped workshop saw with the motor mounted under or behind the table. The blade is usually 9 or 10" and can be raised, lowered or angled from controls on the front
You need to grab the blade with something.maybe some pliers(if you are not going to refurbish blade) and loosen the nut in the center of the blade. i think it is a left hand thread(
Sears has the Craftsman 15 Amp 120 Volt 10' Jobsite Table Saw
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