How to Remove Drawers from a Craftsman Tool Chest?


The first step to remove drawers from a Craftsman tool chest is to pull the drawer all the way out. You will then need to push in it just enough so that you can see the 'stop' on the side of the drawer and push that in with a flat head screw driver.
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1. Open the tool chest drawer, remove all contents and place them to the side. You want to make the drawer as light as possible before you remove it. 2. Keep the drawer open, and
Craftsman Tool Chests are manufactured by Danaher Tool Group. All of the Chests
There are many different companies listed who make craftsman tools. Sears uses other companies that meet their specifications to manufacture tools with their name on them. You can
try to get a paint chip about the size of a quarter and take to your local hardware and paint store. there is a machine that can be used that tells you everything little thing about
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Prepare required tools and materials for refinishing a cedar chest. Remove the old hardware using a screwdriver and a knife. Remove the old finish away with a ...
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