How do I look at different cities on Craigslist?


To look at different cities on Craigslist, visit the website’s main navigation portal at, and find your city. This webpage includes a list of all the cities around the world that currently have a dedicated section on the Craigslist website. If your city is not listed, look for nearby metropolitan areas.

The Craigslist website is designed to store your browsing history in order to transport you automatically to your local Craigslist section whenever you navigate to the website. For example, if you visit the Phoenix, Ariz., Craigslist section, you are taken directly to that section the next time you visit the site using the same Web browser unless your browser is set not to allow this. In order to select a new city's section, simply return to Craigslist’s main navigation portal.

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1. Launch your browser and navigate to Craigslist's Help and Feedback Web page. Click the "Cities/Sites" link. The Craigslist Cities/Sites page opens and displays a list
San Francisco San Francisco, United States[1]
The state of Virginia has lots of cities that Craigslist serves. There are places like Hampton Roades, Fredricksburg, Southwestern Va, and Harrisonberg.
I would submit that to get the most definitive answer for that you would check online and see which cities Craigslist charges the the greatest amounts to post rental ads and help
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