Craigslist Riding Lawn Mowers?


Buying a lawn mower on Craigslist is tough. If you want to buy the best riding lawnmower on Craigslist, you should know more about the brand before you show up. Ask the owner about the history, any damages or problems. Take it for a spin, and also look in the motor and make sure everything looks functional and not rusty or cracked.
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1. Check to see that the blade lever on top of the mower deck is disengaged. 2. Set the throttle control on the steering column to "Choke" and pull on the starter cord.
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1. Make sure both rims of the tire are inside of the metal rims of the wheel. Ad. 2. My favorite device here is one of the small ratcheting tie down straps. A piece of rope might
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The Poulan PO17542LT riding lawn mower is a 17 1/2 horsepower lawn mower with a 6 speed transmission. The Poulan mower features a Briggs and Stratton engine. ...
A riding lawn mower can have issues with backfires if the carburetor needs to be cleaned. It can also backfire if there is a short in the electrical wiring. You ...
A person can adjust the deck on an MTD riding lawn mower by first positioning it on a level surface. The MTD mower deck also require rotating the blades. The stabilizer ...
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