Why Are You Craving Lemons?


There are some possible reasons in which one would crave lemons. Some pregnant get a craving for lemons, however- non-pregnant women and men can also crave for them. One possible reason for this is one has a nutrient deficiency (such as vitamins and magnesium) and the body is telling them to compensate for it by craving for food that can fill that deficiency.
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you enjoy the sour taste.
1. Ginger reduces cravings and imparts many health benefits for your body. Grate fresh ginger until 1/2 tsp. grated ginger is produced. 2. Boil one cup of water. Pour the boiling
If you crave a lemon, it may mean you need vitamin C. It may mean you just have
while others don''t like the flavor. One answer is that lemons are high in natural lithium. Lithium is very grounding for the nervous system and the brain neurotransmitters such as
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