Craving Pickles?


Pickle cravings are the result of more than one culprit. Salt deficiency is one. You also may not be craving the cucumber, but the vinegar that the cucumber is pickled in. This is known to happen to lots of women as their menstrual cycle grows near. Pickle cravings in pregnant women are due to the high blood volume and not enough salt in their system to take up the extra space in the blood. Pickle cravings may also be caused by vitamin deficiency.
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Cravings for foods can be related to a number of things. Are you a male or female? Some female cravings have to do with fluctuations in hormones, or maybe your body needs the salt
Sometimes before menstrul cycles every month or pregnancy women get weird cravings for salty or sweet foods, or pickles. It's common.
Everyone has cravings. Food cravings mean that the body has its signals mixed up. When we are
Hmmm. with all those medical issues, especially the HPB to start with, I would go talk to your doctor because such a high salt intake could be really detrimental. I know that I went
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There are two main theories as to why we crave certain foods. One is that certain foods provide comfort to us--just as babies are comforted by drinking their bottle ...
You may be craving pickle juice because you are pregnant. You could also be craving pickle juice because you love pickles, but already ate all of them. Pickle ...
It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to crave pickles or other foods. However cravings are often signs of not getting enough of certain nutrients like iron or ...
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