How do crayfish adapt?


With the crayfish, thought it may live in the water, it also has four legs for walking on land. This is not typical for most sea creatures. The crayfish also contains pinchers for multiple reasons. It can fight off any predators that come up but also holds food and other items. It has several adaptations that help the crayfish to survive in the big ocean while being so small. It also contains a hard shell to protect itself.
Q&A Related to "How do crayfish adapt?"
The exoskeleton helps protect the soft inside of the crayfish.
A structural adaptation of a crayfish is its claws. It developed them
It allows for protection and reduces water loss. This allows it to leave the water to move to other water sources.
Segmentation allows for greater flexibility since the exoskeleton is a hard shell, they need a means to get through small places without breaking the shell. report this answer. Updated
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